Pet ActionsEdit

The first time you going into your house in Webkinz World after logging on, the pet you have selected will do a random sequence of three actions just after the room loads.

On September 20th, 2007, Ganz added a feature that allows players to make their pets do actions at any time. Some actions are on all accounts, some actions must be earned, and some actions are a mystery.

Default ActionsEdit




Kinzville Academy ActionsEdit

Flip (Weightlifting)

Roll Over (Running)

Jump (Track and Field)

Blow a Kiss (Painting)

Hide Eyes (Language)

Dance (Fashion)

Other ActionsEdit

The following actions are mysteries. Although there doesn't appear to be any way in Webkinz World to "earn" these actions, some players have had the actions appear on their accounts. Some actions show up on the Action Bar as blank spaces, others only show up as an addition to a recorded sequence.


Wag Tail

Ear Wiggle

Stamp Foot




Action PanelEdit

The Action Panel is where all your pet's actions are stored.

Action SequencesEdit

Action sequences allow you to record a series of actions to play back later.


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