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Webkinz are larger versions of Lil'Kinz pets. They all are made by Ganz and they all come with the same things like the Lil'Kinz. A list of pet, pictures, and pet info is located in this page.


Fox, Beaver, Red Panda, Pig, Cow, Elephant, Hippo, Golden Retriever, Cocker Spaniel, St. Bernard, Basset Hound, Black & White Cat, Gold & White Cat, Unicorn, Monkey, Poodle, Gray & White Cat, Rabbit, Frog, Tiger, Cheeky Dog, Cheeky Cat, Chihuahua, Gorilla, Alley Cat, Pegasus, Horse, Pug, White Terrier, Pink Poodle, Cheeky Monkey, Yorkie, Panda, Googles, Polar Bear, Tree Frog, Bull Frog, Pink Pony, Persian Cat, Black Lab, Leopard, Bull Dog, Love Puppy, Sherbert Bunny, Koala, Dalmatian, Beagle, Spotted Frog, Clydesdale Horse, Chocolate Lab, Husky, Raccoon, Black Friesian, Black Cat, German Shepherd, Reindeer, Seal, Brown Arabian, Yellow Lab, Charcoal Cat, Collie, Penguin, Love Frog, Pinto, Turtle, Velvety Elephant, Tie Dye Frog, Grey Arabian, Black Poodle, Duck, Schnauzer, Himalayan Cat, Kangaroo, Black & White Cheeky Dog, Pink & White Cat, Bengal Tiger, Brown Dog, Tiger Snake, Chicken, American Cocker Spaniel, Leopard Lizard, Whimsy Dragon, Gecko, Lioness, Rhino, Samoyed Dog, Siamese Cat, Lemon Lime Gecko, Pink Googles, Striped Snake, Spotted Leopard, Rottweiler, Toco Toucan, Crocodile, American Albino, Caramel Lion, Manatee, Fantail Goldfish, Cocoa Dinosaur, Deer, Skunk, Silverback Gorilla, Floppy Pig, Chipmunk, Bottlenose Dolphin, Eagle, Sheep, Bat, Pink & White Dog, American Buffalo, Porcupine, Clownfish, Snowman, Camel, Dachshund, Parakeet, Orca Whale, Grey Langur, Brown Cow, Hedgehog, Love Monkey, Grey Squirrel, Sea Otter, American Golden, Chimpanzee , Grey Owl, Groundhog, Key Lime Dino, Blue Whale, Irish Setter, Mountain Goat, Spotted Turtle, Pelican, Domino Cat, Spotty Dinosaur, Cotton Candy Bunny, Lamb, White Swan, Ring Tailed Lemur, Boston Terrier, Jack Russell, Blue Googles, Zebra, Springer Spaniel, Guinea Pig, Cherry Blossom Bird, Fox, Walrus, Tawny Pup, Silversoft Cat, Iguana, Lionfish, Mocha Pup, Sabertooth Tiger, Opossum, Citrus Dragon, Pink Cockatoo, Giraffe, Mud Hippo, Green Seadragon, Caterpillar, Pucker Fish, Pterodactyl, Baby Penguin, Daisy Tortoise, Domestic Cat, Glamour Gecko, Love Lion, Moose, Spotted Sea Monster, Strawberry Cloud Leopard, Shark, Llama, Triceratops, Love Puppy, Chinchilla, Golden RetrieverLibra Eagle, & the Moon Fox.


St. Bernard, Basset Hound, Unicorn, Grey & White Cat, Cheeky Dog, Cheeky Cat, Gorilla, Pegasus, Horse, Love Puppy, Sherbert Bunny, Raccoon, Black Friesian, Yellow Lab, Elephant, Black & White Cheeky Dog, Tiger Snake, Leopard Lizard, Rhino, Samoyed Dog, German Shepard, Toco Toucan, Crocodile, American Cocker Spaniel, Striped Snake, Dalmatian, Beagle, German Shepherd, Collie, American Albino, Black Lab, Chocolate Lab, Floppy Pig, Sheep, Cocoa Dinosaur, Fantail Goldfish, Pink and White Dog, Deer, American Buffalo, Brown Cow, Monkey, Grey Squirrel, Chipmunk, Bullfrog, Siamese Cat, Caramel Lion, Purple Goldfish, Cherry Blossom Bird, Bengal Tiger, Brown Arabian, Black Panther, Polar Bear, Chihuahua, Phoenix, Eagle, Manatee, Camel, Tie Dye Frog, Bottlenose Dolphin, Donkey, Spotted Seal, Shar Pei, & Emperor Dragon.

Seasonal Love Puppy, Sherbert Bunny, Black Cat, Reindeer, Love Frog, Duck, Bat, Snowman, Love Monkey, Cotton Candy Bunny, Lamb, Clover Puppy, & Clover Cat.

Pet of the MonthEdit

Frog, Black Bear, Chihuahua, Cow, Panda, Elephant, Cheeky Monkey, Clydesdale Horse, Bull Frog, Hippo, Polar Bear, Bull Dog, Googles, Yorkie, Alley Cat, Cocker Spaniel, Pink Pony, Spotted Frog, Grey Arabian, Leopard, Golden Retriever, Pug, Koala, Schnauzer, White Terrier, Himalayan, Lion, Skunk, Pig, Bengal Tiger, Pink Googles, Persian Cat, Pink Poodle, Jack Russell, Silverback Gorilla, Blufadoodle, Caterpillar, Caramel Lion, Grey Owl, Silversoft Cat, Clown Fish, Rooster, Pelican, Black Cat, Walrus, Reindeer, Grey Langur, Pom Pom Kitty, Duck, Hedgehog, Wombat, Okapi, Pucker Fish, Barred Owl, Glamorous Gorilla, Midnight Monster, Red Squirrel, Moose, Aardvark, Springbok, Bull Terrier, Fleecy Sheep, Majestic Tiger, Cuddly Koala, Tree Kangaroo, Blossom Sea Turtle, Charming Panda, Black Wolf, Patchy Puppy, Snow Yeti, Arctic Polar Bear, & Pink Punch Cheeky Dog

Webkinz SignatureEdit

Signature Panda, Signature Chimpanzee, Signature Golden Retriever, Signature Raccoon, Signature Calico Cat, Signature Cocker Spaniel, Signature Timber Wolf, Signature Cheetah, Signature Dutch Bunny, Signature Penguin, Signature Pig, Signature Woodland Raccoon, & Signature Cow.

Webkinz Small SignatureEdit

Small Signature Beagle, & Small Signature Fox.

Webkinz Signature Endangered Edit

Signature Endangered Red Wolf, Signature Endangered Red Panda, Signature Endangered Bengal Tiger, Signature Endangered Iberian Lynx, Signature Endangered Clouded Leopard, Signature Endangered Brown Bear, Signature Endangered Polar Bear.

Caring ValleyEdit

Panda, Poodle, Persian Cat, Black and White Cat, Brown Dog, Pinto, & the Pink Poodle.

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