Please read our simple rules: they should be easy to follow by anyone. If you have any questions, message an admin!


  • Any new pages created should be directly related to Webkinz. Be sure to check the spelling (see below), and be sure to check you're not creating a duplicate page.
  • Blogs, or personal opinions should go to Blog Posts (not Wikia pages).
  • Please don't edit Template pages without an admin's permission.


  • The spelling of anything Webkinz related should follow:
    • The game itself,
    • (or if not in the game) Webkinz Newz,
    • (or if neither of those) a real-life Webkinz related item.


  • Post only appropriate photos related to Webkinz. Be sure to check you're not posting a duplicate photo.
  • For pet images, post 170x150 PNG images, white background with 10 pixel padding around the pet.

Code of Conduct

  • Swearing: Please do not use any swear words - they have no place in Webkinz World :-)
  • Username: If you have an inappropriate name, you get an infinite ban.
  • Respect: Be respectful! Do not bully/harass/personally offend other users.
  • Vandalism: Please do not vandalize pages.

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