Calendars from Quizzy's Corner:






  • January 2009: Includes a Pig and a Elephant watching a Monkey putting a hat on a snowman
  • February 2009: Includes a winged Love Frog about to launch a plunger from a bow.
  • March 2009: Includes a Bunny painting eggs while in the background a Kangaroo, Duck, and Schnauzer looking for eggs
  • April 2009: Includes a Frog dancing in the rain with Allysa and Nafaria behind it.
  • May 2009: Includes a bunny racing a Pink Googles on a hill with a bird in the sky with a cotton candy bunny sitting with an American Cocker Spaniel
  • June 2009: Includes the cat from Skater Kat crossing the finish line with a Blue Jay, Cheeky Monkey, LeopardJack Russell Terrier  and a Domino Cat cheering.
  • July 2009: Includes a Koala, Basset Hound, Black Bear, Pig, Turtle, Leopard, Raccoon, Golden Retriever, and a Cocker Spaniel watching fireworks
  • August 2009: Includes a Clown Fish, in the lake with a canary in the sky and in the background are a Bunny, Leopard, Beagle, and Tree Frog on a four person bike
  • September 2009: Includes a Boston Terrier and a Black Lab Gardening
  • October 2009: Includes Dr. Quack with a Jack Russell Terrier, a White Google, a Tiger next to a tree with a face behind the moon
  • November 2009: Includes a Charcoal Cat, Elephant, and Whimsy Dragon bowling
  • December 2009: Includes a Hippo dressed like Santa, next to a Collie with two Zangoz building a snowman, a Polar Bear sledding, and a Monkey hiding



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