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Polar Plunge Title Page
Polar Plunge Title Page
Polar Plunge
is an Arcade game in Webkinz World that came out in 2007 with only one course but in early 2008 it changed to four. Currently, there is one easy one, two medium, and one hard. You have to jump over solid objects (sometimes black snowman; mostly trees, stumps, igloos) but if you miss the game is over. Some snowmen you won't lose until a number of times in a row (sometimes black; mostly pink snowman, grey snowman).

This game has a randomly-awarded Polar Plunge Trophy available. After reaching the end of any of the four courses, the player will cross the finish line and will be greeted with either a message stating "Congratulations! You are a Plunging Pro!" or "You are a Plunging Pro! A surprise has been placed in your dock!" After the latter, the Polar Plunge Trophy is awarded to the player. The odds of winning the trophy are about 1 in 4 on the easy course, about 1 in 3 on the medium courses and currently unknown on the hard course.

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