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A Pet of the Month is a pet that is picked to be one each month. The Pet of the Month program was introduced on August 29, 2007 and more info was found from Plumpy's Advice. You never know what the Pet of the Month is until you go onto Webkinz World at the Newspaper area. If you get that pet in that month, you get special Pet of the Month extras. You also get, a special pet of the month song. If you have the pet of the month but got it before it was pet of the month you don't get any pet of the month extras but can participate in pet of the month actives on Today's Activities.

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Activities, AnnouncementsEdit

Having a Pet of the Month should be very important. Announcements can be spotted in the Newspaper if it gets retired, next month's Pet of the Month, and this month's Pet of the Month. Not every day includes a Pet of the Month activity. Every first weekend gives you a bonus 100 KinzCash if you have Pet of the Month and go to Daily Activities. The Pet of the Month can have a Quick Draw for pet of the month items, can do bonus Hourly Events, and you can get free special food depending on the Pet of the Month. lf you have a Pet of the Month, it will sometime say Lil'Kinz Pig Owners Only: Spin the Wheel of the Month or Big Kinz Cheeky Monkey Owners Only: Spin the Wheel of Wishes! Those two events can be played more often than other users in the month! 

Loot Bag, PrizesEdit

Every time you adopt a POTM, you receive special items plus a loot bag from it. Starting with the Alley Cat (April 2009) you can get a small CD with the song's name playable.

Glitches, IssuesEdit

There were also some glitches about the Pet of the Month. When the Pet of the Month begun Ganz had many problems so they gave the people who adopted the Pet of the Month for that month (Big Kinz Frog) would've got an extra 2000 KinzCash because of it. On April 1, 2008 there was a glitch that the Lil'Kinz Cocker Spaniel was the Pet of the Month for May 2008 but after all it was uploaded later in the week and it said that it was the Big Kinz Panda. Also in early April 2008, people who adopted the Pet of the Month while that time (Big Kinz Pink Poodle) was missing their Pet of the Month Item. Apparently in mid-April 2008, the Carnival Strength Tester came out and the people who were missing their Pet of the Month Items would've got it.


Your pet wouldn't be Pet of the Month if it was retired (because it costs lots of money). It was surprising of what happened on June 11, 2008, when the Elephant Webkinz retired while being Pet of the Month as a shock because it was the only Pet of the Month to be retired  while its month but so far it will be the same way. That pet is the only pet to retire after or while being Pet of the Month! No other Pet of the Month other than the Elephant was retired!

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Don't log your pet in if you know when you know it's Pet of the Month! Don't be sad when your Pet of the Month time is over because you may get another one soon or have another one!

The Pets of the MonthEdit

Picture Pet Month Year HM Number or HS Number Pet Item Pet Food Song
Frog Webkinz


October 2007 HM001 Lily Pad Water Bed Buggy Jelly --
Black Bear Webkinz

Black Bear

November 2010 HM004 Cave Bed Honey Bee Roast --
Chihuahua Webkinz


December 2007 HM104 Poco Fiesta Throne Bueno Bone Burritos --
Lilkinz golden retriever Lil'Kinz Golden Retriever January 2008 HS010 Retriever Treadmill Marzipan Bone Cats and Dogs
Cow Webkinz


February 2008 HM003 Milk Truck Candy Grass --
Lil'Kinz Pig March 2008 HS002 Fortune Telling Pig Mud Burger Piggy Plum Pie
Pink Poodle Webkinz

Pink Poodle

April 2008 HM107 Pink Poodle Cadillac Pink Poodle Parfait Dream in Pink
Panda Webkinz


May 2008 HM111 Ming Vase Panda Fridge Bamboo Canelloni --
Elephant Webkinz


June 2008 HM007 Bigtop Cart Tender Leaf Cookies --
Cheeky Monkey Webkinz

Cheeky Monkey

July 2008 HM080 Banana Hammock Junglicious Banana Shake --
Clydesdale Horse Webkinz


August 2008 HM139 Lucky Horseshoe Fireplace Braised Bannock Bites --
Bull Frog Webkinz

Bull Frog

September 2008 HM114 Lord of the Pond Throne Savory Swamp Stew --
Pug Webkinz


October 2008 HM105 Puggy Bark -o- Lounger Wrinkled Pug Cake Hug A Pug
Hippo Webkinz


November 2008 HM009 Wallowing Tub Stubbly Grass Nibbles --
Polar Bear Webkinz

Polar Bear

December 2008 Artic Window Frozen Chili  IceMan Blues
Bull dog Webkinz

Bull Dog

January 2009 Fire Hydrant Fridge Bull Dog Bangers and Mash --
Googles Webkinz


February 2009 HM021 Googles Scrying Pond Google Noodles   Go, Go Googles
Yorkie Webkinz


March 2009 HM081 Shaggy Yorkie Couch Yummy Yorkie Cotton Candy --
Alley Cat Webkinz

Alley Cat

April 2009 HM042 Big City Window Spiced Salmon Strudel Where Did You Get Those Stripes?
Cocker Spaniel Webkinz

Cocker Spaniel

May 2009 HM011 Bone Fridge Beef Flavored Gum Drops I Am The Dog On The Front Of The Tag
Pink Pony Webkinz

Pink Pony

June 2009 HM117 Pink Pony Treadmill Rosy Alfalfa Alfredo The Prettiest Pink Pony in Town
Spotted Frog Webkinz

Spotted Frog

July 2009 HM142 Reeds N' Rushes Sofa Spotted Shrimp Scampi I Love Being a Spotted Frog
Grey Arabian Webkinz

Grey Arabian

August 2009 HM098 Three Wishes Genie Lamp Alfalafel I Wanna Run
Leopard Webkinz


September 2009 HM031 Wilds of the Jungle Sofa Garlicky Gazzelle Tenderloin I Gotta Lotta Soft Spots For You
Golden Retriever Webkinz

Golden Retriever

October 2009 HM010 Retriever Treadmill Marzipan Bone Cats & Dogs - Why Do We Always Fight?
Pug Webkinz


November 2009 HM105 Puggy Bark -o- Lounger Wrinkled Pug Cake Hug A Pug
Koala Webkinz


December 2009 TBA Wacky Eucalyptus TV Tasty Eucalyptus Pastries Koala Holiday
Schnauzer Webkinz


January 2010 HM159 Schnauzer Jalopy Schnauzer Schnitzel Mustache Louie
White Terrier Webkinz

White Terrier

February 2010 HM106 TrailBlazin' Scooter Crispy Bone Scones A Dog with A Bow in Her Hair


March 2010 HM165 Yeti Mountain Window Sherpa's Pie Cat's Pajama Party


April 2010 HM006 King of the Jungle Throne Zebra Dog


May 2010


Black and White Skunk Fridge Toadstool Fritter                          

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