My room is a place where players can create a room for their pets and decorate it. If the player adopts a Webkinz pet they will have more rooms. Players can buy more rooms through KinzCash. You can add different furniture to a room by pressing edit, and bringing an Object/Furniture into the room and placing it, and you can jump/buy/rename an room by pressing House Map. You can also follow room themes to make a room.
Earthquake Ignored
 There are four types of rooms: Indoor, outdoor, treetop and underwater. This picture shows an outdoor yard. Treetop rooms can be bought if you have a bird or any flying pet. Underwater rooms can be bought if you have a swimming pet (mostly fish). However, some pets like seals and penguins are exceptional becuase they don't spend all of their time underwater, so Webkinz excluded them.

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