Lil'Kinz Leopard
HS031 webkinz lil leopard
Basic info
Pet: Lil'Kinz Leopard
Retired: RetiredYes (2007)
Lil'Kinz: Yes
Item number

The Lil'Kinz Leopard is the small version of the regular-sized Leopard. It has the same adoption gifts as the Leopard, which are the Garlicky Gazelle Tenderloin and the Wilds of the Jungle Sofa. It is retired as of December 2007.


This big cat is as friendly as is it is strong; if you're looking for a faithful feline friend, look no further than the loyal leopard. While this leopard definitely likes the wild life, it is also quite happy spending time in a well-decorated room, or in the arcade playing some fast, action-packed games.


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