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KinzCash is the currency in Webkinz World. You can use KinzCash to buy items in the WShop, Curio Shop and KinzStyle Outlet. You can also use it to send items through KinzPost, go on vacations in the Travel Agency and many other things as well. KinzCash appears to be round golden-colored coins with the KinzCash symbol on it.

Earning KinzCashEdit

You can earn KinzCash by playing games in the arcade, selling Items in the WShop, playing the Log-Out Carnival or doing other activities. There are also KinzCash Coins: 10000 KinzCash or 250 Kinzcash coin, 50 KinzCash coin, 100 KinzCash coin.


Kinzcash are usually gold or yellow. They are like a shape of a coin, colored gold with a W with two lines on it, like some cash.


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