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Location: Halloween
Area: Webkinz World
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Halloween prizes are only founded in the day of the special holiday. Some Halloween pets are the Bat, Black Cat and the Purple Monster.

Gift Box PrizesEdit

This is what the Super Wheel! said... ( It was only on Halloween 2009 and 2010) and 2012!Edit

2009- Your Super Prize..750 KC

      Spooky... But AWESOME! You've received the retired Haunted Dungeon Gate!       Happy Halloween!
      Neat! You've won the Artistic Fluffington's Marble Bust!
      Go to the moon! You've won the Exclusive Moon Rover!
       Your Super Prize... 500 KC
 Spooky!  The Halloween Spirits are watching you through your New Rare Mystic Eye Lamp!
 Neptune must be watching! You've won the Dehydrated Hydra Definition TV!
You've won an Exclusive Twister in a Pot!


Your Super Prize... 750 KC

Cool! You've won the Groovy Side Table from the eStore!!!

Planting Time! You've won a Rare Friendly Face Flower!

Game Time! You've won an exclusive Arcade Sign!

Your Super Prize... 500 KC

Atomocolicious! You've won a Rare and Retired Thoughtful Think Tank!

Ghostly! You've won the Spooky Cold Flames Cauldron!

Cool as ice! You've won an exclusive zoomin' zamboni!

2012 unsuper wheel prizes posted on the webkinz day page





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