Growing Gardens Carrot Seeds
Basic Info
Item: Growing Gardens Carrot Seeds
Cost: KinzCash icon 50
Location: W-Shop Gardening
Theme: {{{theme}}}

The Growing Gardens Carrot Seeds is an item available in the WShop. You an grow Farm Fresh Carrots from it.


Plant these seeds in your outdoor room and your pet will be able to grow farm fresh carrots they can harvest and eat!

  • Grows up to 3 food items for each harvest.
  • Can be harvested every 8 days.
  • Harvested carrots sell back to the W-Shop for 7 KinzCash.

Pictures of Growing Cycle:

Carrot First Grown

If first grown, it looks like this.

Carrot Harvest

It looks like this if ready to harvested.

Weedy Carrots


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