Basic Info
Name: Goober
Species: St. Bernard
(Arcade) Goober's Lab
The Recipe for Success
Smarty Pants

Harold (Goober) Hausenfeffer is a St. Bernard that is Webkinz World's resident scientist. He also appears in Goober's Lab, Atomicolicious, The Recipe for Success and Smarty Pants. Goober is very intelligent. In February 2008, Ganz created another game called Atomicolicious and it featured Goober. And in April 2010 he was in the clubhouse giving away rockets if you spot him for a week until Webkinz Day and if you collected all 10 you got a special surprise. It is almost like his first game, Goober's Lab. Goober invented the Kinz-a-tron. He once wrote advice in Plumpy's Advice once Plumpy was gone for vacation in 2008. Booger is his Beagle brother who likes math instead of science.


Goober appears in the W-Tales story The Recipe for Success. His appearance was when Chef Gazpacho went to see him. But Goober goes into a long explanation of the most disgusting foods, so Chef Gazpacho sneaks away. Goober is likely Saint Bernard or a beagle.

Trivia Edit

  • If you look on Goober's table in Goober's Lab, you can see Einstein's brain in a bottle.
  • Booger, is his brother. Booger likes math, not science unlike Goober.
  • If you want to be Goober's friend, go to Webkinz Phone, and write Goober. However, it does not work.
  • There are three games featuring Goober: Goober's Lab, Atomicolicious (which is two player), and Goober's Atomic Adventure.

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