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2005 was Webkinz' launching year. Webkinz World launched on April 29th.

Quizzy Calendar Edit

  • January 2005: Includes a Lion in the circus (as a clown on a ball)
  • February 2005: Includes a Elephant on a sailboat
  • March 2005: Includes a Golden Retriever in a flamed car (with sunglasses)
  • April 2005: Includes a Cow dancing in the rain with an umbrella
  • May 2005: Includes a St. Bernard with a soccer ball in a field
  • June 2005: Includes two Dogs and a Lion onstage
  • July 2005: Includes a Black and White Cat on the beach
  • August 2005: Includes a Hippo parachuting
  • September 2005: Includes a Pig on a flamed skateboard
  • October 2005: Includes a Cocker Spaniel performing onstage
  • November 2005: Includes a Black Bear doing ballet in a Webkinz Studio
  • December 2005: Includes a Gold and White Cat playing with toys


  • By the end of the year, three players reached over a million KinzCash.


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Hungry Hog

Wacky Zingoz

Tulip Trouble

Padz Lily Padz

Zacky's Quest

Pumpkin Patch Protector


Wheel of Wow Wishing Well

Zingoz Bounce

Icecap Adventure

Mini Golf

Cash Cow

Candy Bash

Skater Kat

Dashing Dolphin

Jazz Monsters

Leaf Leaf

Driving School

Operation Gumball

Booger Gets An A

Stack 'Em Up Solitaire


Ballerina Theme

Rock & Roll Theme

Space Theme

Kids Theme

Football Theme

Lily Pad Theme

Cats Theme

Dogs Theme

Baseball Theme

Hockey Theme

Jungle Theme


Blue Dragster

Blue Wagon Racer

Circle of Friends Topiary

Cuckoo Cat Clock

Elephant Fountain

Fancy Tea Service

Gemstone Table

Giant Venus Flytrap

Gold Safe

Jelly Lollipop Tree

Jellybean Tree

Large Pane Window

Mauna Loa Lamp

Prismatic Chair

Propeller Plane

Rainbow Jelly Cactus

Rockin' Robot Digital Clock

So-Mod Moped Scooter

Sparkle Plant
Stone Elephant Statue
Stoplight Lamp
Strike-a-Posing Plant

Toadstool Table

Undersea Porthole

Webkinz Dragster

Webkinz Totem Pole

Webkinz W Pond

Webkinz Wishing Well


Yang Yin Blossom

Zingoz Bubble Blower

Grandfather Clock

Ice Cream Tree




Black Bear




Golden Retriever

Cocker Spaniel

St. Bernard

Basset Hound

Black/White Cat

Gold/White Cat



Gray/White Cat

Cheeky Cat

Cheeky Dog

Lil'Kinz Pig

Lil'Kinz Black Bear

Lil'Kinz Cocker Spaniel

Lil'Kinz Black/White Cat

Retiring ItemsEdit

Baseball Hat

Figure Skates

Hockey Skates

Toy Tool Belt

These items were four of the original Webkinz items. They were retired at the end of 2005.

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